What is Facebook Reels, a new feature to enjoy sharing your short videos!

Example of Facebook Reels

Introducing Facebook Reels, a captivating short-form video format that comes packed with music, audio, AR effects, and an array of creative options. Dive into a world of captivating content as you watch reels from talented creators or unleash your own creativity and share reels with friends and the global community. It’s important to note that Reels cannot be turned off, ensuring a continuous stream of engaging and entertaining videos.

Getting Started Facebook Reels are all about short-form videos. In addition, you can explore public reels from Instagram if the creator decides to showcase them on Facebook. Expect to see Reels recommended based on your interests, seamlessly integrated into various places like your Feed and Facebook Watch.

Curious about Reels and eager to create your own? Learn more about this dynamic feature and discover how to craft captivating reels that leave a lasting impression.

Now, let’s explore the differences between reels created on Facebook and reels crafted on Instagram:

Instagram Names: Reels originating from Instagram proudly display the creator’s Instagram username instead of their Facebook name (if they have a Facebook account). To make it even more evident, you’ll notice the “Instagram” label adjacent to their username.

Comments: When indulging in a reel created on Facebook, feel free to express your thoughts by leaving a comment. However, if you’re watching a reel that originated on Instagram, commenting is limited to the Instagram app or Instagram.com using your Instagram account.

Likes: Delve into the popularity of a reel by checking the number of likes it has received. If it’s a reel created on Facebook, you can explore the profiles of those who liked it on Facebook. However, if it’s an Instagram reel, the list of users who liked it on Instagram can only be viewed through the Instagram app or Instagram.com.

To view the list of Facebook users who liked a video, simply tap the number under the reel in the bottom right corner.

Plays: Gain insight into the reach and engagement of an Instagram reel by checking its number of plays. Each play represents a video session with at least 1ms of playback, excluding replays. Plays are counted from both Facebook and Instagram. Keep in mind that if you watch a reel on both platforms, it will be counted twice. While most Facebook reels display the number of plays, Instagram reels generally do as well.

To see the number of plays, tap the corresponding number under the reel in the bottom right corner.

Creator Page: Exploring a reel created on Facebook opens up the opportunity to discover more of the creator’s content. By tapping on their name, you can access other reels they have crafted. However, if you’re watching an Instagram reel, you’ll be redirected to their Instagram profile instead.

Remember: While enjoying Facebook Reels, you might also come across other intriguing short videos. These videos are created by Pages and are typically less than 60 seconds long.

When watching these short videos from Pages, the play count will not be visible.

For additional information on creating an Instagram Reel and seamlessly sharing it on Facebook, head over to the Instagram Help Center.

So, buckle up and immerse yourself in the world of Facebook Reels—a platform where creativity knows no bounds, and engaging videos await your discovery!

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