Mobile App Game Guide

Introduction Story

Monkey the Claimer, is an adventurous monkey who left his hometown to follow his desire to discover precious resources and become wealthy. He then discovered a very wealthy in resource in a very remote place called KALIBUNAN of DI MATOLTOL. He spent his whole life and later learned to mine precious reserves that no one can imagine. He spent all his life alone there for 20 years, and collected more than enough precious metals and diamonds that can even buy a whole Kingdom! He fell aged and lost most his Energy. He forgets his hometown and how to get back. He realized he don’t need all the money but he just want to go home as he misses his family.

Help Monkey the Claimer travel and send him home, for an exchange of his Wealth!

The Level

There are 1000 Levels that you need to unlock. each level is a place or Monkey the Claimer’s waypoint back to his hometown. The maximum Level is 1000.

Each level unlock rewards, the higher your level, the higher the rewards to be unlocked.

The Energy

Energy is one of the most Important part for us to be able to work. Game Activities has limits, daily. And there are special features that can generate Energy, so you can do more than the daily limit.


The Token or Tokens is the fictional currency or wealth that Monkey the Claimer is giving you while you help him to go back to his Hometown which is the Level 1000.

Activity and Features Description


The shortlink is an activity where you will be visiting 3rd-party sponsor links providers that gains you EXP, Energy and Tokens.

Weekly Leaderboard

Weekly Leaderboard gives additional reward that who tops a specific activity in the game.

Daily Bonus

A special feature that you can claim daily, that generate random Tokens, Energy and Lottery Tickets.

Daily Achievements

Extra rewards and Energy given when you complete a specific number of activities in the Game.


A special Device Monkey the Claimer installed in the special resourceful mining, where it gives a precise amount of wealth for a specific number of time and limit.

Mad Faucet

Similar to Faucet, but allows you to unlock bonus to Faucet, when consistently claim for a specific number of time.


If your greedier than Claimer the Monkey, you can spend your accumulated Energy to spin the Wheel and get a chance to win Higher Tokens Rewards.