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Shortlinks, PTC, Offerwall, Faucet, Auto-Faucet, Dice, Daily Achievements, Level-up System, Lottery

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Withdraw at 0.01 USD via Faucetpay.io and ExpressCrypto.io, converted to our available crypto balance

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Earn 10% equivalent of your Referral Earnings. Advertise for as low as 0.1 USD!

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Choose a wide variety of earning options such as offerwalls, Shorted Links, Viewing Advertised Sites, Free Faucet Claims and many more! (scroll down to see more)

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We store your privacy and never share your credentials. We support 2FA for safety of your Claimer Corner's account.

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You can earn everywhere you are, as long you have your device and an Internet Connection.

What is ClaimerCorner

Claimercorner is a revenue sharing site where you can earn Cryptocurrencies and other withdrawal options we can give in the future for an exchange of completing tasks given in the detailed Feature Lists.

In ClaimerCorner, you can have fun too by leveling to unlock great features and play dice, and rewarding lottery. Collect prizes as BTC, and more cryptocurrency as withdrawal otions.

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Claim 0.0005 USD every 5 minutes.

Shortlinks Wall

Click shortlinks to earn money and energy.


View PTC ads to earn money.


Buy lottery and earn big reward.


Complete achievements for extra money and energy.


Complete tasks, surveys to earn money.

Auto Faucet

Earn money just by leaving the Auto Faucet running.


Try your luck with Dice.

Level System

Level up your account to earn more.


We reward to top activity users and top referral user weekly.

Why Choose Claimer Corner

Very Fast

With Expresscrypto and Faucetpay, you can withdraw your earnings in just one click.

Happy Client

Our Members are genuinely growing, we can't help it.

Free Ads

You can deposit your earnings and use it to advertise your own Site! or deposit to Claimer Corner to Advertise, for as low as 0.5$, 1000 Views from our users!

Earn Crypto

Cryptocurreny is exciting, you can eventually earn more when Crypto Price are Up!


Claimercorner is human, we do replies your quiries personally.Contact Us

Full Features

Be a member to have fun, play with Dice and Lottery to multiple your rewards! Complete tasks and level-up your account for more exciting earnings.


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