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What is Cryptocurrency

Video explenation by blockgeeks

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest breakthroughs in our modern technology, on my own simple understanding today, cryptocurrency is designed to send transactions faster, accurately, secure and transparent, but somehow anonymously....

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Crytocurrency Reward System

Cryptocurrency is very volatile, saving some can double or cut its value. Grab crypto without spending in our site.

Get Rewarded in/every Minute

Get rewarded performing small tasks that will costs you nothing but your few minutes.


Low minimum withdrawal to Micro-wallets only.

With Referral System

Digital Wallets

What is ExpressCrypto?

ExpressCrypto.io is one of the best micro-wallet today. It supports 31 crypto that their users and faucet owners are so happy about. This include their own system coin called EXS and EGS, where its primary use is for spending inside their platform.


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What is Faucetpay.io

Faucetpay.io is currently the most popular micro-wallet that wisely selects its supported Cryptocurrency for their users, for withdrawal, internal payments and transactions. Ranked as No.1 as micro-wallets as of today.


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Payeer is a digital wallet that supports Cryptocurrency, one of the subsidiary companies of Paycorp ltd. It is wordwide-ly used by freelancers for easily withdraw their salaries/earnings from their clients.


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